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Welcome to The Virtual Detective, from the creators of America’s Largest Live Interactive Murder Mystery Show, The Dinner Detective.  The Virtual Detective is THE leader in premium cinematic online mystery experiences.  Let’s be honest, most online events are plagued with poor connection speeds, latency, and shoddy production quality.  At The Virtual Detective, we specialize and emphasize the user experience.  Each production is crafted by industry veterans using the latest advances in technology and includes LIVE actors to moderate every engagement.  This creates an interactive experience and enhanced environment of teamwork you can’t get anywhere else.  You deserve the most bang for your mystery buck so level-up and book your next event with The Virtual Detective!

LaRenzo A.
LaRenzo A.
Embry Riddle Univ
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If you enjoyed the charm and fun that The Dinner Detective brought... then The Virtual Detective is up your alley. It is sure to bring you and your loved ones plenty of fun during these times of social distancing and isolation!
Allison P.
Allison P.
Univ of La Verne
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I did a murder mystery with my college, the University of La Verne, for orientation last week and it was so much fun! The videos were entertaining and piecing all the clues together was great!
Sean D.
Sean D.
Univ of Texas A&M
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As someone who has done both the in-person and virtual events, this is a lot of fun!
Tanishia D.
Tanishia D.
Rio Hondo College
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This was fun! I checked clues and figured it out. It took a little time but I won. This is something I would definitely do again!
Jordan Z.
Jordan Z.
DeSales Univ
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A lot of fun! I've only heard positive feedback from players. We weren't sure what to fully expect, but that was definitely enjoyable and fun. We loved it. Thank you!

With over one thousand events in 2020 alone, The Virtual Detective has mastered the online, interactive, team building experience.   Our games are perfect for groups of 5 to 500 players.  Don’t allow security concerns to hold you back!  We have hosted games across the world for the US Military, Universities, and Fortune 100 companies.  Our products are secure, and we do not collect or sell users data.  In addition to adults and business level games we also feature educational products for kids of all ages. Developing our own products also means we can customize and cobrand each experience to fit your specific needs.

Online Escape Rooms

Detect The Halls - "Claus-Trophobia"

Krampus has kidnapped Santa Claus, and Detective Jo Jingle needs your help to save Christmas!  Search through Detective Jingle’s desk and across the internet to decipher Krampus’ crafty holiday puzzles before time runs out.

Follow Me - The Trilogy

Detective John Axley is missing, and only your team can help!  Communicate live with Detective Wilder and piece together the clues and riddles that will save Axley from the dreaded Mr. E.

Oy Gevalt!

Benjamin Goldenplatt is in over his head, and he needs your help!  Work with your team to crack the case.

Dead Lift

Paranormal activity is confirmed at the Vinewood Apartments.  Get to the bottom of this 360° fully immersive mystery, or you might not make it out alive…  This game contains flashing lights and scary images, and is not suitable for young children!

Murder Mysteries & Crime-Solving

CyberSleuth - "Thicker Than Water"

You are about to witness a malicious and vindictive crime.  One of our on-screen suspects is guilty… but which one?  Piece together the clues with your live moderator, and crack this comedic case before the killer escapes!

CyberSleuth 2 - "Strike Three"

Your CSI team has 45 minutes to scour a multi-room 360° fully immersive crime scene, complete with hidden clues and puzzles galore.  Work with your live moderator to solve this challenging murder mystery before time runs out!

Online Scavenger Hunts

Partners In Crime

Get ready to break into teams and race against the clock.  Whether your group is across town, across the country, or across the world, Partners in Crime will deliver a highly interactive, challenging, and immersive gameplay experience!

Mystery Fun For Kids

Mystery Makers

Mystery Makers is a fast-paced interactive show where kids help create and solve a mystery, LIVE with our professional improv performers.  It’s Scooby Doo meets Mad Libs!

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