Premium Online Interactive Mystery Experiences


From the creators of The Dinner Detective,
America’s Largest Interactive Murder Mystery Show,
comes a new heart-pounding, full-throttle virtual production!

You and a group of your associates have just been recruited to solve a high profile murder investigation, loosely based-off actual FBI cold cases. To protect and serve, everyone will need to take notes, pore over clues, and live chat with fellow sleuths and our host/moderator. Just be warned… criminals are among your number, so Trust NO ONE, and whatever you do… do not answer the door!

Before concluding the investigation, all participants will be given an Answer Form where the Top Sleuth, with the correct answers and the most incriminating details, will be awarded a bounty for their cunning skills. Chatting among participants is encouraged, but remember to keep your keen insights to yourself, as there can only be one winner!

Do you have what it takes to become an official Cyber Sleuth? Prove it!


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